Bugatti Veyron pure sang
McLaren 650s
Lamborgini Gallardo
Lamborghini Huracan
Maserati GC  -  MC
Lambo Aventador
Ferrari 458 spider
Ferrari 488
Ferrari California

Our Viva Italia Luxury Tours are exclusively designed to combine exotic terrain with challenging roads and genuine Italian cuisine. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to design unique, relatively traffic-free routes that will enhance your driving skills in a safe environment. Estimates include all costs to ensure that you enjoy an exceptional, stress-free driving experience: Exotic cars and fuel, Tour Leader, highway, hotels and meals, necessary limo service, private guides - airfares are not included. Your Tour Leader will guide you through this adventure with a powerful leading car, virtually opening the road ahead of you. Dates are open so we can custom design the Itinerary of your choice for your group of friends, family or incentive. Based on specific requests, we can custom design a Viva Italia itinerary around the locations and length of your choice. A deposit is required for all Viva Italia adventures.

 Don’t Dream It – Drive It!

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