• from/to airport:

ARRIVALS: Once you land into VCE, an assistant will wait for you at the finger of the airplane, will help you reach the passport control and then the luggage area. Once luggage is collected, you will reach the open area where our assistant will be there to take you by vehicle to your private boat and so reach the hotel. In case luggage is lost, assistant will help you with procedures.

DEPARTURES: Your private boat and assistant will pick you up at the hotel and take you to VCE, upon arrival a private vehicle will drive you to airport. Assistant will help you check-in and leave you in the hands of  another assistant that will take you thru passport control 

For all group categories: a maximum of 6 pieces of luggage in total is included; additional pieces will be charged in cash by the driver

due to local rules, some hotel require a “canal tax”.

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