Underground Rome 

roma sotterranea_sanclemente2
Catacombe di Domitilla 2
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4_roma sotterraneasanclemente2
3_Catacombs of San Clemente
2_Catacombs of San Callisto
1_Catacombs of San Domitilla

3 hours 


Rome's subterranean catacombs are underground cemeteries where many saints and several early Popes are buried. Visit two of the following catacombs: Domitilla, Rome's largest, with about 80 painted tombs and an underground basilica; San Callisto, with lovely wall frescoes; or San Sebastiano, with ancient graffiti invoking St. Peter and St. Paul who were thought to have been buried there at one time.  Then visit the church of San Clemente, with three underground levels, the lowest of which was originally a temple dedicated to the pagan cult of Mithras. If weather allows, or if clients prefer, we can replace one of the Catacombs with a very nice walk thru the original cable stones of the Ancient Appian way, near Cecilia Metella's Tomb.

Entry fees of approximately are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

Requires transportation: pre arranged private car and driver.

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