Siracusa A Powerful City of the Ancient World 

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8 hours 

Depart at 9:00 a.m. for the drive to Siracusa (Syracuse) to meet your guide. Founded in 734 B.C. by colonists from Corinth, it became a major sea power, and in one of history's great maritime battles, the Athenian fleet was sunk offshore.

The Greek mathematician Archimedes was born in Siracusa, and city reached its zenith under the rule of Dionysius. There are two main sites: the offshore island of Ortygia, and the Neapolis archaeological zone, where the stupendous 5th century B.C. Greek theater, with seating for 15,000 people, dominates. Visit the grotto named the Ear of Dionysius because of its unusual acoustics. See also the 2nd century A.D. Roman amphitheatre where gladiators once battled.

Then enjoy a walking tour on the beautiful island of Ortygia, with its predominantly medieval structures including its 7th century cathedral built on top of a Greek temple, with most of the ancient columns incorporated into the church.

transportation is included (8 hrs), and guide in Siracusa (4hrs)..

Entry fees and lunch cost are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

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