The Vatican

The Vatican. Many offer tours of the Vatican. We do too, evidently. However there is ONE type of tour we are exclusivists for and we name it "The Christian Tour of the Vatican" : Enjoy a customizable tour of the Vatican Museums containing the extensive artistic heritage collected by Popes throughout the centuries. You will be led on this private tour by no other then an actual seminarian studying for the priesthood who makes the historical and spiritual realities come to life. From Ancient art sculptures, to breathtaking works of the masters, to the galleries of Candelabra, Tapestry and Geographical Maps. See the Papal Apartments of Pope Giulio II, with rooms decorated by Raphael, and then admire the magnificent Sistine Chapel with its incomparable paintings by Michelangelo. Depending on availability there will be special access to the Pio-Christian Museum located near the grand entrance as well as the small 'Cry Room of the Popes' located behind the Sistine Chapel. Finish the tour with St. Peter's Basilica to see Michelangelo's dome and Pieta and enjoy brief access to the 18th Century Sacristy of St. Peter's Basilica. The tour ends at St. Peter's Piazza.

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