Viva Italia - Monaco to Rome

Viva Italia - Monaco to Rome This route offers a more basic itinerary based on our “Viva Italia” tour. Even in its simplicity, it provides guaranteed enjoyment. As one of our best-selling itineraries, this route capitalizes on our high level of expertise. Guests arriving in Monaco directly will enjoy a complimentary heli-transport from the Nice airport. The itinerary goes from Monaco to Parma and through Tuscany before finally arriving in Rome. From Italy’s North to South, the route introduces guests to some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Like all of our tours, the itinerary is completely customizable but we suggest stops in Portofino to enjoy one of Italy’s most luxurious coastal regions, a tour of the Lamborghini factory in central Italy, and guided visits of Siena or Florence. Includes fine dining experiences that explore Italy’s diverse regional cuisines and gastronomical products. Enquires at

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