a nice letter from a client of mine...

To whom it may concern,

I am a media business owner from south Florida USA. I have traveled but not abroad. I wanted my first trip to be Italy as I have always wanted to visit there. I discussed my trip with a friend and neighbor and he suggested that I call Giorgio at Dream Italy. I am usually one to research for weeks, sometimes months for things that I want to do. Turning control over to someone else is not the norm for me. After much debate I decided to call Giorgio Dell'Artino.

During our conversations, he was very eager to make this the best trip I had ever experienced. He listened intently and asked enough questions to vet out all of my and my wife’s likes and dislikes. He began by telling me where we would stay. His emails were pinpoint accurate and had links to all the hotels we were going to be staying as well as pictures of all the rooms. Each that he suggested were perfect as I didn’t need to change anything. Then came the suggested itineraries for tours and the like. Each tour was exactly what I wanted. Then came the restaurants. He gave me a huge selection of dining experiences, again with links to menus.

We never discussed transfers from planes to trains and things of that nature so I did not expect anything. Much to my delight, once off the plane a very neatly dressed suited man was standing in front of me with my name held in his hands. He quickly took the baggage from my wife’s hands and thus started the most magical trip of our lives.

Each destination was better than the one before it. Each person that Giorgio sent for us was more accommodating than the one before. Each guide had their own unique personality that added to each of the daily tours we took. Each had their own special secrets to share that you could never find on your own.

Being in a foreign country for the first time is exciting but daunting nonetheless. Having Giorgio there to make sure that all went well was a blessing. He was available to me day and night. Any questions, concerns were quickly answered by him immediately. He made me feel like I had family in Italy. That, in and of itself made our trip that more relaxing and enjoyable.

This letter cannot express enough the gratitude and feelings that I have for him personally as well as his services. I will be using his services again shortly as he informed me that he has services in France as well. There is no doubt that anyone planning a trip to Italy or France should not miss an experience to travel the Dream Italy way. My only disappointment is that he doesn’t have services all over the world.

Good Travels, Jeff Richman

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