Rome Jewish Heritage 

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3 hours 

Trace the history of the Jewish community in Rome, the oldest in Europe, beginning at Trastevere, where Jews first settled. Visit the Jewish cemetary on Aventine Hill, and then the Arch of Titus, erected to celebrate the victory of Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus in Judea in 70 A.D., which lead to the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of Herod's temple. Visit the church of St. Peter in Chains to admire the famous Moses with Horns, a masterpiece by Michelangelo.  Walk through Campo de'Fiori, where the burning of the Talmud in 1553 started the oppression of the Jewish culture. Finally, stroll the charming narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter to visit the Jewish Museum and the modern Synagogue.

Entry fees are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

Requires transportation: pre arranged private car and driver.

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