1,5 hours

Our private hot air balloon flight departs from the location of your stay. This service is offered all days from March to November and no others will join except your friends or Family. Clients will be picked up at hotel/villa by a private vehicle to reach the closest take-off location to your hotel. You will arrive during inflating operations and, if you want, you can participate. Flight will depart shortly after. According to winds, you will take a direction and your pilot will follow the safest direction explaining what you are looking at. Your driver will follow you from ground making sure to be there when you land. At the end of the flight, after landing, a bottle of Italian Spumante will be offered together with a Flight Certificate. A drive back to your hotel/villa will end the day.

 We can customize your flight, at extra cost, with your Company logo on the balloon or serve up to 15 balloons for your special event.

The flight will last approximately 80 minutes. In case of need and for security requirements, the flight can be shortened or extended and this will not make the client run into refunds or additional charges.

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