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 Full day Pompeii, Ercolano and Oplonti 

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Spend the entire day with full day guided tour to discover the three important archaeological sites buried by Vesuvius in 79.d.C.

Completely destroyed and buried by volcanic ash during the violent eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD, Pompeii provides an extraordinarily detailed glimpse into city life at the height of the Roman Empire. See the Forum, mosaic tiled baths, merchant shops and even villas during a two hour private walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Herculaneum has undergone a unique conservation phenomenon that has no comparison even with nearby Pompeii. The 16-meter blanket of pyroclastic materials and mud that submerged the city allowed the preservation of two-storey domus, inside which architectural elements in wood and marble, jewelry and furnishings were found, as well as many organic finds, which allowed to reconstruct in detail the lifestyle of the ancient Herculaneum.

Oplontis was in the past a peripheral neighborhood of Pompeii. It was also destroyed by the eruption in 79 AD The Villa that belonged to Poppea Sabina (second wife of Emperor Nero) was discovered on this site. This villa is a sumptuous example of recreational imperial villas.

Includes private car and driver and  for 8 hours and private guide for 6 hours.

Special reservation/entry fees for Pompei,Ercolano and Oplonti are additional and will be prepaid.

If the client cancels the tour or changes the date of the tour, the ticket cost is NOT refundable.

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