Etruscan Tour 

2 Sorano
3 Sovana
4 Vitozza
1 Pitigliano

Your personal driver will pick you at your residence.  En route to the Etruscan ruins, you will travel down the ancient Roman road, Via Cassia. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by a professional guide. The tour will begin in  Pitigliano then Sorano and Sovana.  Pitigliano is home to a series of artificial cuts into the tufa rock varying in depth, ranging from less than one meter to over 10 meters. At the bottom of these cuts (Italian: tagliate) are carved channels, apparently for water, although some form steps. The purpose of the cuts is not known: the three main theories are that they were roads, quarries, or water conveyance schemes; they radiate outward from the base of the butte of Pitigliano, down to the river then back to the top of the plateau that surrounds the town. A few very brief Etruscan inscriptions are said to have been found on the walls of the cuts, but are ill documented. You will have the exceptional opportunity to visit the ancient site of Vitozza: an old town where early Etruscans lived several hundred years ago. 01:30 PM Lunch at local trattoria

Entry fees and luch cost are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

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