Salento, Galipoli and Nardò 

9 hours 

Salento is the heel of Italy as many may know. What most don't know is what this region has to offer to visitors travelling thru Puglia.

It would take at least 4 days to visit Salento in details, however we designed a full day itinerary that will highlight your trip. Starting from Lecce,  we will reach the so called "Maldives of Italy"; an amazing sandy coastline between Torre San Giovanni and Gallipoli. We will reach then Gallipoli to admire this "Greek beautiful colony" with its lively atmosphere, the castle, the baroque cathedral, the magnificient Chiesa della Purità richly decorated with stuccoes and huge paintings. The art and history itinerary can continue with Nardò and its Piazza Salandra (one of the most beaufìtiful square in italy) before heading back to Lecce.

Entry fees and lunch cost are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

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