cooking class

6 hours

A Culinary and Cultural Experience in an 18th Century Palazzo by the Sea.

A Day Cooking with the Duchess is not simply a cooking lesson in an extraordinary location, an 18th century palazzo by the sea. It's also a fascinating journey through Sicilian culture and food. The Duchess of Palma will take you early in the morning to a colourful local market to buy the freshest ingredients of the season, and share some hidden treasures of Palermo, one of the most intriguing cities of the Mediterranean. In the spacious and welcoming kitchen of the palazzo, you'll be able to create a whole Sicilian menu under the Duchess' guidance. The cooking class starts in the early morning with the purchase of fresh ingredients in one of Palermo's historic markets, the Cape, just around the corner: fish and meat, citrus, fruits and vegetables, just like in the Vucciria Guttuso. Hands-on in the modern and spacious kitchen and then everyone at the table in the dining room, with silverware and dishes of Sicilian workers, waiters in suits and white gloves, and a view of the scene. Afternoon leave - that the food in Sicily is or is not fast is well known - not without a visit to the rich apartments. After lunch in the elegant dining room, a tour of the lush terrace and the beautifully restored palazzo, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel The Leopard.

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