Baths of Caracalla and Appian Ways 


3 hours 


9am pickup, clients will be welcomed by guide in the Lobby of the hotel. Thanks to the private minivan they will head toward the ancient Baths of Caracalla (entries not included); The Baths Of Caracalla on paper sound an enticing proposition to include on your visit to Rome. The prospect of viewing the bathing complex of ancient Rome that could accommodate 1600 bathers is impressive.

The baths provided two basic functions for the ancient Romans, most of the population of Rome lived in crowded tenements without running water or sanitary facilities and the baths provided much needed sanitization facilities, and as a bonus a great opportunity to socialize and network at all levels. In broad outline there were three large bathing rooms. A cold pool, a lukewarm pool and a hot pool. If there is one thing a visit to the Baths Of Caracalla will do is to emphasize the sheer size and scale of the facility, even today the ruins are massive. The Baths of Caracalla came equipped with two libraries and extensive gardens to walk about and enjoy as well as a swimming pool for recreational use.

The Park of the Appia Antica include the first 16 Km of the ancient consular road (from Porta San Sebastiano to the intersection with Via Appia Nuova in Frattocchie); the Caffarella Valley; the archaeological area of the Tombs of the Via Latina; the area adjacent to the Via Tuscolana hosting the remains of seven Roman aqueducts dating back to the Republican and Imperial age, with the green area of Tor Fiscale, and the two large rural estates of Tormarancia and Farnesiana. Every sunday and on holidays the whole area of the Park, is closed to private traffic and it thus becomes Rome's biggest pedestrian zone.

Entry fees of approximately are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

Requires transportation: pre arranged private car and driver.

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