3 hours 

Starting point is the Basilica of St Clare, in the upper town. The church is the burial site of Clare, founder of the female Franciscan order, and it houses the famous wooden cross of St Damien that, by tradition, spoke to St Francis.

The adjoining square is a perfect viewpoint on the uppermost part of the town (Cathedral of San Rufino and Rocca Maggiore, the medieval fortress) and on the valley (Basilica of St Mary of the Angels). Before reaching the main square a stopover to see the so called Chiesa Nuova (New Church) built in the XVII century on the site where Francis born (his house). In the nearby Piazza del Comune, the Town Hall and some other XIII century buildings and, above all, the Roman Temple of Minerva dating from the 1st century BC. On the ground floor of the People’s Captain Tower, the standard measures of medieval Assisi are worthy a look.
From the main square, taking a beautiful backstreet with a never ending stairway, we get to the beginning of St Francis street that goes down to the main church. Along the way two other short stops to see the Pilgrims’ Hospital and the Headquarters of the Stone Masons Guild in Assisi. Finally, a detailed tour of St Francis Upper and Lower Basilica and all its frescoes by Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti.

Entry fees are additional and are to be paid by the client at the site.

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