3 hours 


Experience Ancient Rome with your children! Begin with a fascinating three dimensional journey through the history of Rome at a new museum 3d REWIND that offers a virtual experience with amazing special effects. The underground chambers of the Coliseum, and the Roman Forum are recreated as they were in 310 A.D.! Walkways and over 7000 ancient structures are authentically portrayed, complete with frescoes, jewelry and even children's toys. Then tour the actual Coliseum and Forum, where you will recognize many of the ancient buildings still standing today.

Optional add 1 hour for Upper Tiers or/and 1 hour for Belvedere

Special reservation/entry fees for the Forum and Coliseum are additional and will be prepaid.

Special reservation/entry fees for upper tiers or Belvedere are additional and will be prepaid.

If the client cancels the tour or changes the date of the tour, the ticket cost is NOT refundable.

Clients may either travel with the guide to the start of the tour

Dream Italy - P.I. 01336450521

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