My name is Giorgio, Founder of Dream Italy, and I would like to guide you through DreamIt, a project clearly not meant to remain purely a reverie. My purpose is to take you into a dimension where sheer luxury combines with the various aspects of Italian products of excellence be they art, wine, gastronomy or hospitality.

Such an enterprise is born from the conviction that tourism and all services connected with it are the ideal medium for combining such excellence to form a single experience to be lived, loved, tasted and dreamed.

The nature of my purpose therefore goes beyond the purely commercial. My wish is to give my clients the opportunity to know and experience the best that Italy has to offer and to gain a different perspective based on an innovative concept of organization.

Thanks to our experience and supervision, we are able to create itineraries which are not only selective but also unique. This is possible because our primary strength lies in our being able to customize each and every itinerary, allowing each and every one of them to become exclusively yours.

Our idea is to add your personal touch to the itinerary that we will create together, and allow no-one else to retrace your steps without your consent. The services, the hotels and the ideas we propose bring together unparalleled aspects of Italy’s products of excellence.

Please let us have the pleasure of accompanying you through your greatest dream: Italy!

Taste it: food and wine map


Draw a food and wine map of Italy and you'll find it far more diverse than the geographical one.

Discover the nuances of genuine Italian cuisine and learn to distinguish it from the numerous imitations to be found around the world. Let us open up the doors to a universe of flavors and aromas typical of our region and free your senses... Sightseeing for your palate.

See it: art and history

Wander through the remains of the glorious Roman Empire.

Descend into the underworld homes of the Etruscans and catch a glimpse of this lost and mystifying civilization. Wake up bathed in the light which illuminated the Renaissance and brought forth the creative genius of its artists.

Let every corner of our territory project you across our millennial history, see and touch the origins of our civilization.


Every waking moment, a feast for your eyes.

Live it: essence of experience

Let your senses breath & see, hear, touch, smell, taste.Let us guide you through Italy as no-one else can.


Capture the detail and discover the essence of a unique experience as we lead you through an open air gallery of art and fashion.


Feel the glow of hospitality, live life as only the Italians can.